Through EUFEGE, the Absentia organisation pursues several objectives. First and foremost, the idea is to expand a green and cooperating community of partners and organisations that share concerns and understanding in successfully combat gender discrimination at the frontier of entrepreneurship. In a related way the partnership intends to increase financial education that provides empowerment and support to women entrepreneurs (this target group was conceived as inclusive because the project concerns those who have already become established female entrepreneurs but also those who are at the beginning of the process and aim to continue their entrepreneurial journey).

We have just returned from the first in a series of job shadowing activities at Sende, where we had the opportunity to observe and learn from the daily operations of an innovative organization in a rural and remote context like Senderiz.
Maria, co-founder of Sende, was our inspiring muse. Her determination and passion have contributed significantly to the growth and success of the organization on an international level. Maria shared with us her experiences, her successes, as well as the challenges she has faced during her entrepreneurial journey.
Her approach to entrepreneurship goes far beyond the creation of a successful company. Maria infuses her daily activities with a strong sense of social responsibility, focused on creating a positive impact in her small community of 20 inhabitants and in the most remote areas of Galicia.
These experiences at Sende have provided and will provide us with a broader perspective on the importance of female empowerment in the entrepreneurial sector, an aspect that is at the heart of the EUFEGE project.
EUFEGE is a project co-funded by the Erasmus Plus program, aimed at stimulating and promoting female empowerment in the entrepreneurial sector. The project will allow us to improve our skills in the field of adult education to design and propose training paths in our area in the future.
Together with Sende, we will enhance our skills in organizing training courses and workshops on entrepreneurship and financial education dedicated to women, and they will help us build a European network of collaborations in the field of adult education.

Project Code : 2022-2-IT02-KA122-ADU-000101800

Timeline: 15/02/2023 – 14/11/2023

Coordinator: Absentia [IT]

Consortium: SENDE [ES], Pedra (PL]

Activities and outputs:

  • Job Shadowing: 25 days job shadowing in Senderiz, Spain (SENDE) for 2 participants, networking, design and management
  • Training Course: 6 days Training Course in Varsavia, Poland (Pedra) for 5 participants, design and financial education