We try to fill those absences that are evident in remote areas.

Absentia – Exploring the Absence is a non-profit organization that aims to fill the gaps left by a rapidly changing society. We focus on promoting environmental and social sustainability, building community, promoting social inclusion, urban regeneration, and social and European project design. 

Taking care of the things we care about the most.


Nurturing Environmental, Social, and Economic Well-being

Community Building

Empowering Social Inclusion and Participation

Rural and Remote Areas

Combating Depopulation and Nurturing Rural Development

European Cooperation

Inspiring Mobility, Collaboration, and Cross-Cultural Exchange

Social Innovation

Driving Entrepreneurship for Positive Impact

We strongly believe in the power of project design to develop concrete initiatives and provide support to other third sector organizations and businesses. We also prioritize international cooperation and European mobility, with a particular strength in the Erasmus+ program. Additionally, we are dedicated to developing small rural communities and villages, as the phenomenon of depopulation is a major concern for us. Our organization is committed to social innovation and social entrepreneurship, with a belief in the value of benefit societies. 

Based in Stintino, a small town in northwestern Sardinia, we strongly believe in the potential of small, remote communities.

We strive to analyze and address the challenges facing these communities and work towards creating a more sustainable and equitable future for all.